Matrimonio romantico al Sextantio di Santo Stefano di Sessanio in Abruzzo - Romantic wedding at the Sextantio in Santo Stefano di Sessanio in Abruzzo
Fotografo matrimonio Roma
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Planning your dream destination wedding or elopement in Italy?

I’m Giancarlo Malandra, your guide to capturing the beauty and romance of your destination wedding or elopement in Italy.

As your dedicated destination wedding photographer in Italy, I’m committed to preserving every precious moment of your special day, ensuring that your memories are as stunning as the Italy’s most iconic destinations, like the historic streets of Rome, the stunning vistas of the Amalfi Coast or the wild landscapes of Abruzzo, the still undiscovered treasure of Italy.

Let’s embark on this journey together, creating memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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Destination wedding photographer in Italy Giancarlo Malandra Wedding Reporter

Giancarlo Malandra Wedding ReporterDestination wedding photographer in Italy

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Giancarlo is a great professional who has unique human qualities: sympathy, friendliness, kindness and serenity. He is the ideal person for any couple to be accompanied on such a special day. We often look at the wedding photos, and each time they manage to convey the emotions and atmosphere of that day, with simplicity and elegance.
The photographer we will recommend to all our friends.
Valentina + Vincenzo


Amazing work! The photos are ABSOLUTELY amazing !!!!!!
Thanks so much for your work! You are fantastic!
We were really lucky to have you as our wedding photographer !!
Eunhee + Tae Sik


Giancarlo is a very talented artist. He has a truly profound humanity that allows him to capture important details. He becomes familiar with the spouses, to tell everything that will remain as a memory over time.
Valentina + Giuseppe


It would be an understatement to define Giancarlo Malandra's photos as "beautiful". I think that in order to be a good photographer you don't have to have only a good hand but you need a whole series of qualities, first of all sensitivity. What he gave us is the story of our emotions. A real immersive journey that tells through spontaneous images that are not simple memories: looking at those photos really means reliving those precious moments every time. Slightly hinted smiles, looks of complicity, eyes shining with emotion! Giancarlo is able to photograph the most genuine and uncontaminated part of gestures and movements. And the best part is that we didn't notice anything. He never asked us to pose, "I'm not there," was his recommendation. Giancarlo, a person whom we have greatly appreciated from a human and professional point of view, will always keep alive the sweet memory of our party, of the people who rejoiced with us, and of the emotions that only his art is able to tell. Many thanks to Giancarlo and to the sweet Manuela!
Enrica + Luca


For some people the eyes speak, for others the gestures and for others the smile, but none of these details are lost, thanks to your eye, dear Giancarlo.
Each photo is a captured moment, enclosed in an instant, eternal and alive.
To surprise us again was discovering that every photo, from the first to the last, is cured with love and passion as if it were "The Photo", unique and unrepeatable.
Thank you very much for your professionalism and because everything is "Made with Love".
Maura + Roberto


We chose you by seeing two or three shots of previous marriages. It was enough that afternoon in your studio to understand that you were our photographer !! In addition to a great professional we have found in you a friend, a kind, helpful, punctual person who has always been able to advise us. Your photos for us are the exact portrait of the moments lived: waiting, joy, celebration, every single emotion. You have been able to photograph reality without intervening to modify it. Besides us, everyone finds our wonderful photos. We already think about you with us for other future occasions.
Thank you!!
Letizia + Daniel


A photo is forever!
The memory of an instant that only a person like Giancarlo Malandra can capture!
Images that fully express the emotions and love that the spouses and guests are feeling!
Extreme trust in entrusting him with one of the most important moments of our life.
Highly recommended.
Stefania + Carlo


When the photo contains the emotion of the moment and seeing it after some time allows you to relive that emotion, it means that the shot is done by an artist!
In every shot, your soul vibrates ... seeing the photo is not remembering but LIVING IT AGAIN !!!
Thank you very much, we are proud to have chosen you for one of the unforgettable moments of our life.
Tania + Christian


A truly impeccable professional who does not neglect the human relationship that actually comes first, creating a relationship of mutual trust that leads to the creation of a photographic masterpiece without equal, beautiful colors with impeccable photographic equipment, the best you can aspire for the day more important than your life.
Michela + Marino


We entrusted Giancarlo with the memories of our wedding day and we were truly satisfied with his excellent work and professionalism.
We immediately liked his style, we went to know him and he immediately showed he had our love story at heart; for this aspect, very human and attentive to our needs, we liked it even more!
Giancarlo and his collaborators were perfect, always available and very serious in their work.
We really could not ask for more !!!
Yoon Hee + Gianfelice


Giancarlo is able through his photography to make you relive all the emotions of one of the most important days of life! He is always available to satisfy the requests of the spouses but above all he is a man with a noble soul!
Valentina + David


We chose you after seeing your photos and we immediately appreciated your style. Original shots and non staged photos that can capture the moments and emotions of a special day. Landscapes, colors and penetrating spaces. Passion and love. Whenever we have the opportunity to review the photos, we can relive the sensations of that day that ended quickly for us. Simply THANK YOU !!!
Martina + Andrea


After seeing some of your shots and your delicate way of working we had no more doubts: we wanted you to capture our dream!
No pose, no artifice, no pretense! Your magnificent work brings to light our happiness, simple and pure,
and the sincere participation of the people who love us and who were there with us that day!
We like to call your photos "eternal" because that's how they appeared from the beginning to our eyes!
You managed, with your images, to stop time and capture the many facets of our love!
Thank you so much!
Mimma + Donato


Without a doubt the number one in all. Giancarlo's photos speak for themselves.
He managed to understand our tastes, he tells the wedding from start to finish with his wonderful shots.
Erica + Mario


Thousands of words would not be enough to define what Giancarlo did for us! He followed us from the beginning, accompanying us with his experience and giving us useful and valuable advice. The wedding day was very professional and never intrusive, working as one of the family and making us live all the moments in the best way. We have found in him and in his splendid wife serious and competent professionals and precious friends! Thank you very much!
Federica + Andrea


Looking for a location for our wedding we found some wonderful shots on the internet and thanks to these shots we chose the place of our dreams and the photographer who made them. Giancarlo surprised us and gave us photos full of emotions and moments that will remain forever in our most beautiful memories. We didn't want to pose photos and he was practically invisible to our eyes, but he didn't lose any details, indeed he captured some very original ones. He was very willing to accommodate our requests. He is a sensitive and kind person and it was a pleasure to meet him. Happy with our choice.
Federica + Roberto


When, looking for a photographer for our wedding on the internet, we came across some shots of Giancarlo, the difference from the competition was remarkable! Technique, originality, precision and spontaneity, the best mix for a wedding photo shoot! Giancarlo turned out to be open, available and non-invasive! A true professional, in love with his job. Beautiful and fun the pre-wedding photo shoot to improve confidence with the goal and maximum availability on the wedding day. You will never be able to fully understand the emotions of your most beautiful day without Wedding Reporter: the spontaneity that distinguishes this service and the attention that Giancarlo pays to the details will give you back memories and moments that you will discover only later. Cristina and I are proud of this choice, but we have been from the beginning, convinced of what Giancarlo would have been able to give us. Absolutely recommended for those who don't want regrets!
Cristina + Alesandro


A GREAT photographer for a GREAT day! This is what Giancarlo was for us !!! With so much professionalism, sensitivity and humor he managed to capture all the best moments, managing to involve our friends and guests in a unique way !!! Thanks again.
Gabriella + Pierpaolo


Hi Giancarlo, the photos are fantastic !!! You were able to really capture the atmosphere we wanted!
We showed the photos to a few people and they all complimented your skill and this made us very proud!
Dominique + Nathan


Hi Giancarlo, Gianluca and I wanted to let you know our simple, but authentic impressions, that concern you. You have transmitted us, and we are convinced not only to the two of us, that feeling of absolute tranquility, even in the whirlwind of the event, which certainly derives from your professionalism and the passion that shines through in your photography !. The most surprising thing for us? We never noticed your presence, yet you were there at all times. A hug. See you soon!
Antonella + Gianluca


When you say "every cloud has a silver lining.": My photographer friend had just had a baby and could not have taken care of my wedding photos. I came across Giancarlo Malandra's website during an internet survey in search of a solution and his photos impressed me a lot, but finding the right photographer is not easy! It is a matter of trust, to photograph one of the most important days and to entrust to memory some unrepeatable moments.
Giancarlo Malandra was for us the most beautiful of surprises: a set of technical skill, imagination, experience in choosing the shots and in the ability to choose exactly the right moment, the one that alone tells a story and an emotion, but this is he sees in all his photos, what is not seen is that Giancarlo Malandra is also a formidable person, pleasant and never intrusive.And then the extra ingredient: with Giancarlo Malandra we have overcome shyness and embarrassment, he understood immediately what we wanted and allowed us to be ourselves without the artifice of the play. In the ability to bring out the most authentic part there is the most precious of the ingredients of a photo shoot that becomes the narration of a true joy !! Thanks Giancarlo.
Ilenia + Antonio


We chose him precisely for his choice of reporter in his photographic activity: few posing photos (only the "usual" ones) and the whole photo shoot in the name of spontaneity !!!
At the end of the day he became a friend, a guest at our party !!! Everyone congratulated us for choosing the photographer, because he was invisible at the tables while photographing the most beautiful and unforgettable moments!
Excellent idea to meet and get to know us a few days before for a prewedding service !!!!
We highly recommend it !!!
Elisa + Alessandro


Hi Giancarlo,
We wanted to thank you very much for how you followed us during the wedding. We had a great time with you, you didn't abandon us even for a moment on our wedding day.
Thanks for the extraordinary professionalism, availability and discretion.
Sabina + Vito


For our wedding, Stefania and I were looking for a photographer: excellent, modern, kind and helpful. We found all of this in you, and from the first meeting Stefania and I said to ourselves: we can stop looking, we have found our photographer !. The beauty is that you have been much more. You moved to perfection in this wedding a little outside the box, and let me tell you, you were great. You have always made us feel at ease, and for us it is a very important thing, because we knew that we spent most of our day with you. You've been very good. And then the icing on the cake: your wife, just a word to enclose all that is: FANTASTIC.
Stefania + Luca