About Me

Italy Destination Wedding Photographer

My name is Giancarlo Malandra and i’m an Italy destination wedding photographer.

I like to define myself as

“a storyteller that narrates Love”.

I narrated weddings of all kinds, from the one only two steps away from where i live to the one on the other side of the world.

For me each wedding is unique, a story to be told and remembered for all years. With my authentic and natural documentary style photography, i’ll be a silent witness that capture in an unobtrusive way the natural flow of events and emotions of your special day.

My photographs were defined as spontaneous, emotional, romantic, a treasure of timeless moments to be shared with the people you love. For doing this, i love to establish a confidential connection with you, to obtain the necessary intimacy for telling your story and capture what you felt. I call this work “the Emotional Reportage”.

I love to shoot a mix of photojournalistic photos in analog-style black&white and color fine art images with the couples surrounded by the nature or architectural beauties.

I’m available worldwide for any kind of marriage of every religion, civil and LGBT weddings. I work mainly in central Italy (Abruzzo, Marche, Umbria, Tuscany) but i’ve traveled for weddings worldwide (London, Warsaw, Barcelona, Paris, Oaxaca Mexico) to narrate the Love.

In addition to telling love stories as a Italy destination wedding photographer, I tell stories of men and their territories with which I have obtained numerous national and international awards and various publications, including:

  • the Grand Prize at the 2009 “Urban photographer of the year” competition (UK)
  • One of the 24 finalists of the contest of the “Leica Talent 24×36″ competition, for which I made the report “The denied city”, on the situation of the city of L’Aquila 3 years after the earthquake of April 6, 2009. (2011)
  • One of the 5 winners of the Canon “Power to your next step” competition in the “Professionals” category (2013)
  • the 2nd prize portfolio and single photo in the “Grand Prix of Photography” of 2009 and 2010.
  • I participated in the monograph “Abruzzo of photographers” (2008) and with a reportage of over 50 images in the volume “3:32 the signs of the earthquake” (2010).
  • The reportage “The sea, our life”, made aboard a fishing boat, has been selected for issue 40 of Witness Journal, the most important online photojournalism magazine in Italy. (2011)
  • The reportage on the feast of San Domenico in Cocullo (AQ) was published by the Italian Touring Club (2011)
  • The report “The city denied” was published in n. 49 of Witness Journal. (2012)
  • Since 2014 the magazine “Tesori d’Abruzzo” makes use of my collaboration for the photographs of the magazine

I have participated in several collective and personal photographic exhibitions.