Couple photography session in Amalfi

The beautiful city of Amalfi is the place chosen by Elaine and Khai, a beautiful couple from Singapore, for their couple photography session.

Amalfi is a small town located on the southern coast of Italy, in the Campania region. It is famous for its picturesque beauty, cozy streets and breathtaking coastline. The city sits on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea, offering spectacular views of the water and surrounding coastline.

The photo session started in Piazza Duomo, where the beautiful Cathedral of Sant’Andrea is located, one of the most iconic places in Amalfi. This 9th-century church is a splendid example of Arab-Norman architecture and is famous for its mosaics and intricate decoration.

Afterwards, we moved to Lungomare dei Cavalieri, where I was able to capture breathtaking shots with the sea as a backdrop. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, the boats moored in the port and the colorful houses that surround the coast have created a magical atmosphere.

Furthermore, the couple had the opportunity to take pictures in the narrow and characteristic streets of the historic center of Amalfi, surrounded by the colorful houses and typical alleys that characterize this city, full of welcoming shops, cafes and restaurants.

Finally, Elaine and Khai concluded the photo session on the hill with a panoramic view of Amalfi.

The couple photographic session in Amalfi was an unforgettable experience for the couple and the photos will remain a precious memory.

If you are looking for a romantic and charming location for your couple photography session, Amalfi is the perfect choice for those looking for a romantic getaway.

With its breathtaking sea views, picturesque streets and charming atmosphere, Amalfi will make your couple photo session unforgettable.

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