Eunhee and Tae-Sik, two guys from South Korea but living in the US, have chosen to celebrate their intimate wedding in Positano, one of the most famous places of the Amalfi Coast.

 The the light of late autumn, the breathtaking beauty of the cliffs, the sea ready to welcome the slightest ray of sunlight that makes its way through the clouds, the colours of the village alleys, the  traditional Korean clothes, made this intimate wedding in Positano full of poetry.

Before the ceremony, they wanted a couple photo shoot along the enchanting streets of Positano, famous for the warm colors of the houses and the breathtaking view of the sea.

We then went down to one of the most iconic places of the city, the beach of Marina Grande, the main beach of Positano which opens with a postcard scenario, in front of the Li Galli islands and behind the characteristic colored waterfall of the houses of Positano .

After the couple photo shoot, Eunhee and Tae-Sik celebrated their wedding at Villa San Giacomo in Positano, a unique location located on top of a hill with a breathtaking view of Positano.

The location offered an intimate and romantic atmosphere for the ceremony, and the charming architecture of the villa made for the perfect backdrop for the wedding photos.

The couple also dressed in traditional Korean holiday attire.