Italian wedding photographer Giancarlo Malandra


I might start talking about me telling you when I started taking pictures at the tender age of 8 years, but I think it is so important.

So who am I? A wedding photographer, but I prefer to call myself a photographer that narrate weddings, from the smallest with just a few guests to the one with hundreds of people, from the wedding taking place a few meters away from where I live, to the one on other side of the world.

But who am i really?


Sounds strange? What does all this mean?

If you think that photography is just a voice in the overall budget of the wedding, that a photographer is worth the other, that the only thing that matters is to save on the cost of the service, I’m sorry but i’m not the right wedding photographer for you.

If you desire an EXCLUSIVE, EXCITING, ORIGINAL reportage of your wedding day, far from the stereotypes of a classic boring wedding photography service, printed on prestigious wedding book 100% Made in Italy, I’m the photographer you are looking for.

Each couple is unique in personality, sensitivity and personal stories and my work reflects this uniqueness.

I tell your story and the story of a day so important in the life of the couple, together with the people who matter most to you.

I will do it in a spontaneously, accurate, discreet way and i’ll always be present in the most intimate and the most joyful moments, I’ll be your eyes that will allow these moments to become part of your heritage of memories, a true family treasure to pass down.

My way of working is a very demanding and time-consuming, requires concentration and physical resources, and it is for this reason that I will accept only a limited number of weddings every year.

What are you waiting for? That someone else book your date before you?

Mobile/Whatsapp: +39.348.3018357

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Italian wedding photographer Giancarlo Malandra

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Italian wedding photographer Giancarlo Malandra Italian wedding photographer Giancarlo Malandra Italian wedding photographer Giancarlo MalandraItalian wedding photographer Giancarlo MalandraItalian wedding photographer Giancarlo Malandra



I have received numerous national and international awards, including:
– the Grand Prize at the “Urban photographer of the year” 2009 (uk)- Selected among the 24 finalists for the photographers’ contest “Leica Talent 24 × 36”, for which I made the reportage “The denied city”, about the situation of the city of L’Aquila three years after the earthquake of April 6, 2009.
– In 2013 i’m one of the 5 winners of the Canon contest “Power to your next step” in the “Professional” category.
– 2nd prize both portfolio and single photo in the “Grand Prix of Photography” in 2009 and 2010.
– I’ve participated in the monograph FIAF “Abruzzo Photographer” (2008) with a reportage of more than 50 images in the book “3:32 signs of the earthquake” (2010).

– In 2011 the report “The sea, our life”, made on board a fishing vessel, was selected for the number 40 of Witness Journal, the leading online magazine for photojournalism in Italy.
– In 2011, the report on the feast of St. Dominic in Cocullo (AQ) was published by the Italian Touring Club.
– In 2012 the reportage “The denied city” was published in issue no. 49 of Witness Journal.
– Since 2014, the magazine “Tesori d’Abruzzo” (Treasures of Abruzzo) avails of my collaboration for the photographs of the magazine
– In 2016 i have published the photographic book “Giulianova timeless seduction”

I have made several solo and group exhibitions.

You can see my works and reportages here: